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Friday, 11 July 2008


Work eh? i It really is for fools and horses, never a truer word said. I've always preferred the term 'wage-slave' so much more accurate because most of us are slaves. If you add up how much you get paid and then subtract you room, board + clothing costs and what have you got? not much I'll wager (not that I can afford to). Are you, then, much better off than a slave? You get to choose you own food, whoopee-do, but you have to buy it and cook it yourself, at least slaves had that done for them!

It's a mugs game basically, but what's the use of moaning, I feel that at least I spent some of the public purse before I started contributing toward it. I once had to sit through having some imbecillic Tory twat tell me "that's money that should be going toward disabled people" no doubt followed by something like "my brothers disabled, you're effectively stealing from HIM!"

I mean, please, does none of you have any idea how much we're spending wiping out the human populations of Iraq/Afghanistan? Or how many "scarce resources" we've used up upgrading our entirely pointless Trident bath-toys? (don't worry Tory-boy got this an' all). And yet, for some reason, we simply can't afford the odd £30 a week to keep those, such as myself, who intensly dislike having to work?

Noo-Labour have been on at this one as well. Having to 'clamp-down' on 'benefit-scroungers'. Eh? There's no such thing! You either get benefit or you don't. There is no such thing as a benefit scrounger because we are all (most of us at any rate) entitled to a fuck of a lot more than we get anyway. That's waged and unwaged thank you very much. So I'll also thank you to shove you 'benfit-scroungers' up your fucking arsehole!

I mean it sure ain't my fault if you decided to buy a house so you now have to go to work until you die, is it? I just can't abide people who are so petty that just because they've spent their pissy little lives working shit jobs to keep their shit wives and shit kids in the shitty shit they've become accustomed to. They somehow feel I've got to suffer the same!


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