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Thursday, 12 June 2008

check this shit out!

As embarrassing as this is, I still, strangely, feel the need to share (it's a bit of an recreational-hazard with this blogging lark). You can, so I'm told, bring up a page with all of your comments on CiF (the fact that I have posted anything on CiF is, obviously, the embarrassing bit). 

So there you go you can now see all of the wondrously intelligent things I have posted on the esteemed Granuad site, without any bothersome context, or the other messages that I was probably replying to, oh dear, not so clever after all eh? oh well, it's late and I don't get paid for this you know.

As a little addendum, can you believe the name they let me get away with?! I mean no "c" and it's all ok?! crazy! those of you who count themselves as 'rave-buddies' will know what it means, for those that don't there's a link to your right... 


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