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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

A Reading Week

and an intruiging one at that. Not only have I found one of the best books ever written (I say found, it's been hanging around in my room for ages, I only just started reading it) and, almost simultaneously, the worst! How about that ladies & gentlemen? Howdya like them apples?

The best book ever written is one Empire of the Ants by a Bernard Werber, (who upon further investigation turns out to be one Albin Michel, curious non?) which deserves an extract thus;
"I am not asking you to pass this law prohibiting toy anthills out of pity for ants or in the name of animal rights; animals have no rights : we hatch them in batteries and sacrifice them for our consumption. I am asking you to pass it because you would not want the Earth to be given to an irresponsible young god one day as a Christmas present." if only not to spoil any of the brilliant behind the lines reportage of ant war.

Great stuff, quite unlike another book I am honestly finding difficult to write about, mainly because writing about will probably entail pciking up whioch, at the very least remind me that it is in my space, and I haven't set fire to it yet.

Yes I am of course talking of the heart warmer From Baghdad, with Love a heart warming story of indescrimate murder, illegal (ha) chemical warfare and the classic 'pop a kiddie, causing their parents to rush out so you can have a pop at them too', oh, and, silly me, I forgot one of the mercenary scum, a shit that stamping to death is far, far too good for, rescued a puppy and wrote a book about it.

Yes, you read right, a puppy.

So they surround a town forcing all men (+ families) of fighting age to either (and I'm probably quoting here) "flee or fight/die", lest they be resistance fighters. Many do. Many, however, don't. It is these poor unfortunates that were then subject to one of our species more recent debacle du concience (yeah, I made that up). White phosporus, Napalm, shooting little girls in the legs.
You know, that sort of thing. But it's ok, they rescued a puppy.

A. Fucking. Puppy.

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