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Sunday, 3 August 2008


Sex, as we all know, was invented in 1860, in the deep South of America by a couple of runaway slaves. This led directly to the American Civil War as, obviously, those white boys now really had something to worry about. 

Before sex was invented children where found in cabbage patches, as here in western europe we have started to import cheaper cabbages from abroad this has led to a slump in 'birth' rates. Luckily, however, more and more young people are discovering the joy of sex this may, just, save us all. 

There are though evil forces determined to see the end of the human race, groups such as the Silver Ring Thing simply must be stopped before them and there twisted sick logic destroys us all!

Sex itself, is, of course, wonderful. The feeling of connecting physically, personally and, even, spiritually with another person is second-to-none. It is life-affirming in a way that nothing else is.

Especially if performed correctly (hint: it's all in the hips).

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