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Monday, 22 September 2008


Many bites to be had here for the fundie-fishers amongst us. Classic stuff: angels come to help us, ghosts, demons the works! For ink stains:

"My Mother-in-law,when a young girl lived with her Mother and sister in a remote home way out in the country... One night with a raging snow storm they heard a knock and at the door there was a man asking if he can have something to drink as he has been walking for quite a while on his journey... They let him in gave him some food and drink and dryed his wet clothes at the fire..The man thanked them and left... they went out the door and looked all over for footsteps in the snow but none to be found... I always remembered that story...Now my MIL always told that the stranger was a Angel sent from God... I always believed her."
So God sent an angel because...there are no tumble dryers in heaven?
"I believe that we are under constant demonic attacks daily. Some natural some supernatural."
"Yes, your worst enemies will be they of your own household.
Satan can use them the most because they are closest to your heart and also the ones you know best.
You can let him do that without being too concerned about it if you learn to use those types of attacks to better yourself."

Just remember kids, you can either think about something or believe in it, not both!


Freidenker85 said...

"Some natural, some supernatural"? What, some demons are "natural"? Why call them demons? If a natural earthquake is, um, natural, where's the demon? I can get this whole "I donno wot done it, musta been Lucifur!" business (in the same way I can relate to infant reasoning) - but this I just don't get.

Lil' Drummer Bwoi said...

neither do I, mate, not in the slightest.