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Monday, 8 December 2008

holy fuckries batman!

check this shit out. can you adam and eve it? corp. exec. pay in the u.s. is now (on average) 475 times the average shop-floor wage. 475x?!? my dear likkle baby jesus! and i bet you're all wondering what it is blighty-sides no? 22x, in ol' nippon it's only 11x! (and i always thought the swedes were the fairest people on the planet!). so the country that rought you FREEDOM(TM) and THE WAR ON TERROR(TM) now brings you NIGHTMARE EGOMANIA!!!(TM). fucking brilliant. what will those UTTER WANKERS(TM) think of next?

my apologies to any american readers. i personally abhor racism of any kind (but then you'd know all about that wouldn't you? - sorry, i can't stop myself!) and cannot abide generalisations especially of the 'entire people' kind. i do, of course, realise that many of you are wonderful light-filled human beings not to be judged on the attitudes of your countryfellows. however (come on, you knew it was coming) you did: a) fuck up the entire planet, for all of us. b) defeat communism, again fucking it up for the rest of us, somewhat. c) defeat the enlightenment, if it wasn't for about half of you we could happily tell the remaining monotheists to "stop being so silly, c'mon no one really believes that whole god thing anymore" but, no, in a spectacular trinity of fuckribility you even manged to stuff up the one cast-iron achievement of the west, the death of god.

thank you. thank you all so very, very much...still it's not all bad news (spoiler: contains fascist nonsense).

thanks to BeggarsCanBeChoosers.

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