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Sunday, 11 January 2009

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here's one for ya: the daily irritant your alternative news source/round-up part of freydis' holology website.  Freydis is the tireless nihilist that brought you counterorder, nihilism's home on t'internet. 

what is holology? the man 'imself:

"Holology is not just an ideology or just a religion, it's a little of everything and a little of nothing, a weltanschauung. It encompasses not just one aspect of a life but all. But that doesn't mean one can't like one part and reject another just as religious people do with passages of the Bible. Holology is not antagonistic it's cooperative. Holology is non-government, non-politics and non-religious although it nonetheless discuses and analyzes political and religious issues to better understand them. Furthermore, Holology is not necessarily non-spiritual because the concept of spiritual is intangible, it's a positive accumulation of factors leading to health and well-being of both the individual and the group. And everyone can make their own determination on that one."

so it's whatever the fuck you want it to be! it's about changing the world as you see fit for the benefit of yourself and others. which is what us nihilists are all about. get in!

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