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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

time to stop moaning...

and do something about it! yup, what started in the u.s. (ok, so the whole progressive democracy thing really got started in south america somewhere, but, like, what-ever) to help get the o-man elected (ok, it was actually to get neo-cons to stop having a go at clinton for the whole intern thang, what are you a freakin encyclopedia?) is now over here! HOORAY!! 

it's basically a progressive networking tool to make sure that everyone (who's anyone) knows everything they need to about progressive moves, grooves and stuff, now that we've managed to arrive in the slightly surreal situation of a so-called labour government being (how can i put this?) a bunch of fascist bastards (yup, that about sums it up!)

move on, the outfit that started this whole thing has obviously achieved a lot (they weren't the only reason the o man got in, but it helped!) and now they are using that 'head of steam' to ensure the bail-out goes the right way.

the basic idea is to find out what is on members minds and then act on them. it's basically all about (and i quotin'!) "show[ing] the government that there is a constituency for change in the UK today, that there are people willing to fight for a politics that is worth fighting for." 

here at nihilist future we've never been to sure about democracy, we have suspected for some time that it may just be a rather elaborate con. however, being nihilists, we like being proved wrong. according to the do something folks: 

"Either we change our leaders' minds, or else we change our leaders. Since 1997, voter turnout has sunk to record depths. It has never been easier to win an election." 

blimey! tha's fightin' talk! bout bloody time too...

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