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Thursday, 9 April 2009

cover up

int it funny how just after loads of bad news for coppers comes a load of non news for the same? int it also quite unique that this 'terror plot' that was apparently 'quite advanced' and in it's fianl stages' with 'links to al-qaida' inlove nothing more than a few students. no bombs, explosives, guns, nothing. (they would have made a right hoo-haa if they'd found any of those!)

for this we can make one of two assumptions:
1) al-qaida have really taken there eye off the ball recently. or
2) ol' bill's got something he wants us to fail to notice

update: oh lookie! quelle surprise! at the beeb the latest on the jihadi-crazed lunatics! they were taking pictures! of nightclubs! surely this is the clash of civilisations of which our forefathers so feared???

the real question is (as ever) just what did herr bill have to hide?

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