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Monday, 15 March 2010

free your mind? chain that fukker up!

today we shall be discussing how to control one's own mind. there are (a few) different techniques for doing this but the end result is (or should be) the same. having control over one's own thought processes. as several buddhist masters (what does that even mean?) have noted (and trust me there are only so many ways you can say this): if your are not at peace with yourself (i.e. you are not in control of your own mind) no amount of possesions, comfort, luxury or anything else will make you happy. equally if you are at peace with yourself you can put up with almost anything.

my favourite example of this is the wise teaching of the sado-masochist in the cupboard. imagine, for a moment, that i have locked you in a small cupboard. i take you out twice a day only to beat you quite soundly. now, most people i know would be somewhat unimpressed with this treatment. i wouldn't blame them. however if the person involved was rilly, rilly into their s&m they'd love it. the difference? perception. you cannot change your external circumstances with your mind alone (a rather idiotic mistake to make) but you can change what you think of your external circumstances.

it may help (well, it helps me) to think of the mind like a dog (ok, i know i compare everything with dogs, but that's coz i rilly, rilly like dogs, ok?) anyhoo, if you let your dog/mind jump all over the place pulling you along you have no control over it or yourself. this is a very easy way to end up upset, stressed out, angry or fucked up on loads of drugs (or any combination of the above). however, teaching your mind to walk to heel, so you are in control of where it's going, well, that means its up to you. you can be happy, sad or anything in between but you are in control.

how to gain this control? i found meditation works quite well. but then, i can't get my sodding dogs to stop dragging me about. so who am i to talk?

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