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Saturday, 26 February 2011

hello again

i is back! how exciting for you all! i will be here giving you all a nihilist perspective on the days/weeks/months events. at the moment we are very pleased to see the arab world is revolting (and i'm not just talking about the food/closeted homosexuality- boom boom!) we like it when people rise up and set fire to stuff. actually people can sit down and set fire to stuff for all we care, just so long as it burns. IT BURNS!!

people in my part of the world are generally less likely to do such exciting stuff. but that might well be because we are the kind of people to get rich off the sale of weapons to middle east type despots so we 're all to aware of the place such actions can lead one. either that or the people i am surrounded by (and, of course, myself) are just exceptionally lazy or remarkably pussyfied, perhaps a bit of both. who can say? well, we could, if it weren't for all the false consciousness that's going about.

and here's a completely unrelated music video. no i don't know who it is. but he does mention jeremy kyle. and anyone brave enough to bring the kylester to a pop track gets my vote...

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