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Saturday, 9 April 2011

the keys to the kingdom...

are we sitting comfortably? if not, do so. that's rrule number 1 ; get comfy. so … we ok\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\/
good, today's discussion is called: “keys to the kingdom” ...

step 1 – get comfy
step 2 – breathe. your first three breaths go to your base.(see chakra chart)
step 3- next 3 to you groin.
step 4 – then you centre.
step 5 – next comes heart.give this one the extra? this time? (you can power up where you like!)
step 6 - throat chakra.
step 7 - third eye.
step 8- up above. the world so high. like a diamond. in the sky...

get enuf in ya and you away.

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