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Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Anarchy Vs Nihily

See I can understand people being scared of a world without government, so the idea of dressing up any such proposal with sweeteners such as "people only rob each other because we live in a capitalist economy in which everyone is taught to want it all but only a select few are given the opportunity to achieve it all". But it isn't altogether true is it?

Lets look a little closer and some of the problems with doing away with the State dans c'est l'entier. Some people are horrible, I mean really, really, unpleasant and ignoring that little fact won't make it go away, so as horriblesome as the criminal justice system is, I doubt we would do well by doing away with it altogether.

The idea that we'd be better off without free, comprehensive medical care is just plain silly. Same goes for the police, I mean, I know their reason detre is to keep us poor people in the comfort to which we have become accustomed. But in reality what fun would a demo be without anyone to throw your bricks at?

So you see an "anarchist system" ain't likely to do us all too many favours. But yet I hear you whispering at the back "isn't nihilism jus' anarchism without the pretences?" and, i hear you, it kinda is, but there aren't (m)any rules to nihilism, we don't believe in 'em see? (not believing in things in general helps) we simply urge that we keep/discard ideas if they are any/no good.

I would probably legalise a hell of a lot, therefore reducing the numbers of police needed, and spend the savings on more hospitals.

But that's just me. You?

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