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Friday, 18 April 2008

Aliza Shwartz does Arts

Good old Heresiarch has gone with this so I will too. by now you doubtlessly all know the story, if you don't you soon will. The problem with impregnating your self repeatedly then using over the counter herbal "remedies" to miscarriage, then using the blood, all the yucky stuff and film of you miscarriaging in your senior art project is as we have seen from the following comments:

"[Shvarts' exhibit] turns what is a serious decision for women into an absurdism, it discounts the gravity of the situation that is abortion"
"I think it is morally wrong"

these are both ascribed to lifers in her college (report here). The problem they and I'm sure many others will find is that this art project is somehow immoral, yet these, let us not forget, were cells growing inside her own body, in reality making her act about as immoral as a haircut.
ha! fooled ya, it's all a fake apparently, but that didn't stop the New York Sun reporting on it!

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