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Thursday, 17 April 2008

Hello Everybody!

anybody there? no? thought not. Good. I suppose this is a bit like giving a speech to an empty room. Anyhoo, this is Nihilist Future, featuring the sublime scriptural stylification of myself, Lil' Drummer Bwoy. Here we will be discussing just what the title says: a nihilist future! A Nihilist Future? why not? we haven't got much of  future unless we start letting go of old habits and ways of thinking and start embracing some newness.  

All a nihilist future really is is a future where no-one, and I mean no-one not even nihilists! keep on with the old "I know what's around the next corner, trust me" nonsense. A future where no one would ever even think about implying that anyone else was somehow morally impeded for not believing whatever they do. A future where people are taken for who they really are not what people think they look like. A future where we got one.

No one not only know what the future holds, many (including myself) rarely know what is inside my own belly half the time much less anything else. now before I start getting into "they're all bleedin' imbeciles!" mode. I would like to point out that everybody knows that hardly anybody knows their arses from their elbows (why else would there be so many that don't exactly agree with us?). We are all imbeciles. none of us as clever as he thinks. I think it's time we started looking toward a life with fewer false notions and less irrationality. after all a life without blinkers is the better lived. 

Why nihilism? why not? I, for one, feel that nihilism has had something of an outrageously bad press (but then Anarchism & Nihilism? way to name your movements Bakunin my boy!). All it really is is the belief in not holding beliefs. which just seems eminently sensible if you ask me. Do we really want our world leaders to believe that there is an all-powerful fat man in the sky that has nothing better to do than to what us masturbating? disturbing no?

In the little tete-a-tetes we shall be looking at the events of the day from a nihilist perspective, if you will. which really, if you think about it, just requires looking at things without all the silly beliefs our culture imposes on everything. 

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