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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Diagnosis: Churcher

Found this on summink called the O Project "People don't need to fear eternal torture in hell in order to be moral" by one Reverend Chris Schriner of the Mission Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation (try saying that with a few insida ya) in said Humanist site's "we lurve each other really" quotes page, a long list of quotes from vicars all saying "we don't hate atheists" to which the rather obvious answer is "why are you so keen to see us in the aforementioned fiery pit?". A rather obvious retort to Rev Chris' little gem would have to be "what the hell is hell for then?". Here's another: "It is not to say there are no ethical standards outside faith" that little beaut is from Tim Stevens, Bishop of Leicester no less.

Dear oh dear, I think you are witnessing with you very own eyes why Christendom is such a sorry shadow of its former self, People don't need to fear eternal torture in hell? they do if you want them to be Christians mate! It's kinda the point! Without the threat of eternal damnation you've got what? not much sex and no lie in on Sunday. why? coz God 'loves' you. Your having summink of a laugh if you think your gonna pull that one of in this day and age.

You see, this is rather obviously where the church is going wrong. The Imam's have got the right idea, no backpedalling for them, oh no, no thin end of the modernist wedge for they. You put a foot wrong and not only do you spend the next forever getting roasted (oo-er) but they'll even stone you into a head-start to get there!

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