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Friday, 23 May 2008

My Very First Advertisement!

An advert? I hear you cry. 'Have you completely sold out one of the very last bastions of anti-capitalist self-autonomous double-barrelled free-spaces on the web?'

Of course not! Don't be so silly. I would, of course, never accept cash payments to mention name. No billboard whore me. No the organisation we will be focusing on today are the LCAP or the London Coalition Against Poverty, quite a mouthful, granted. But yet more direct socialist action is quite clearly sorely needed in this benighted land of ours.

What with poo-labour forgetting where they came from as quick as you can say 10p tax band, it is about time we saw more people (and I quote) "helping each other out - solidarity and action, not just advice." Directions for getting involved are detailed on the website and I, for one, will be signing up straight away. I suggest you do likewise

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