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Friday, 4 July 2008


Fundies Say the Darndest Things is the place on t'internet I go when I'm bored at work or just bored or, work. It really is hilarious, some of the most fun you can have with a computer (if you don't count buying pharms & porn which you kinda have to, at work). it really is fucking hilarious.

from the funny: "God healed me!!!!! I was left with moderate hearing loss."

to the disturbing: "[in answer to a little girl asking why babies die] Babies and children die because they are sinners and God is a just God"

to the real deal: "There was once a dig in siberia where they drilled to a new record depth and broke into a hollow chamber only to hear the screams of those from hell. If you haven't heard of this I know why. Atheists control the media and they suppress this sore of thing. They do the same to ghost sightings"

that sample is, like seriously, just what was on the at this moment, it updates at a rate of knots. there are a lot of very, very scary people out there and lots of them are posting. This is one of the few sites at least attempting to make us aware of the danger we are all in. I mean seriously, you guys, these dudes are fruity! and not in a good way. we are talking about very bad fruit indeed.

Meanwhile I am listening to "In Rainbows" by Radiohead (who I happen to like because I always used to smoke cooked cocaine to "Just" one of my favourite songs of all time and not just because of the rock). "Robyn" by, er, Robyn (don't you just love it when they do that?) and The New York Dolls: "From Here To Eternity".

As usual I have absolutely no idea of comparison, apart from to say I have enjoyed them all, quite a bit, quite a bit indeed...

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