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Friday, 11 July 2008

Oh Dear

oh dear, oh dear, the planets would appear to be in alignment (that's all I fucking need).

The gods (my own at any rate) are whispering.

It is time...It Is Time.

So that's that. S'all over, no more, c'est finis.

What now? I hear you call, the desperation palpable, ney physical in its yearning for knowledge of the next faltering steps to be taken. But what of them? What indeed!

As to the meaning of any of the above twaddle, it basically like a dis: me no UKplc string bitch no more. Ya hear me? NO MORE!!

Not to fear do, I ain't quit ma job or nuffink, I ain't stoopid cuz. Quit dis eeezyness? you crazy? I thought not. cause what I mean is I ain't no Govt.UKplcJunkie no more!

Well I say that. Still needs a bit o' the ol' plannen. Bit of thinking, timing and rhyming still to be done. But suffuce to say by this time in fortnight I be the cleanest mutha fukka you eva did see!

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