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Friday, 22 August 2008

Death from the Skies

Nice to see our Keith (Vaz, that is MP for Leister East) has been so keen to make sure the Bridge Road Play Area is kept in a reputable state. Nice to see he cares about the kiddies. Instead of raining death on them from above, which seems to be one of his other interests.

To rain said death you'll be wanting a Watchkeeper Tactical UAV system, of course. The Watchkeeper sysem is based on the Elbit 450 Tactical UAV from those masters of a painful death, the Israelis (nobody mention the war).

Anyhoo, one can't help but wonder why the good ol' British Armed Forces (from hereon referred to as 'our boys') would either need or want to spend some 800 squillion squid on a weapon system it could get cheaper elsewhere. Dis we fink, is where our man Vaz comes in.

It's Thale (click on the Leisteshre button to see the factory in question) , totally coincidentally of course, run a factory making said overpriced pieces of murderous misusefulness from a factory that is, again totally coincidentall, in Keith's East Leisteshire constiuency.

Can anyone play join the dots?

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