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Monday, 15 December 2008

evolutin high-falutin'

new proof of evolution has been discovered! it's your mum! (or your dad if you're male) yup, this one's pretty rock-solid, all you need do is grab ahold of the parent that is the same sex as you, stand together in front of a mirror and viola! do you look exactly the same? no? thought not. do you know why? it's because you are a mix of your mummy and daddy (and a couple of mixtakes thrown in for good measure) and, as such, you have evolved from them! this is just one example of the very fact of evolution in action! proof if ever proof were needed!
-thanks to Brandon Creasy.

the other major proof i can think of off the top of my head are dogs. yup our furry best friends are one of the strongest proofs of evolution available. there is the fact that their mitochondrial DNA has been traced back to 3 east asian wolves. all the doggies in the world, rotties, chihuahuas, jack russels, the lot- all go back to three turkish bitches! if evolution was a fairy tale we'd be sharing our homes with some very fearsome characters indeed!

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