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Monday, 15 December 2008

update: ego vs love

you remember i said that our egos developed over the rather harsher climes of our early life 'pon plains of africa? well, i may have been a teeny, weeny bit mistaken. interestingly, the place i got the original idea also lends itself to this further bit of revision. i know, i know if i got the original idea from the book that also has this bit in it why didn't i just write it right in the first place? and to be honest i have absolutely no idea. it's probably got something to do with the fact that i'm a complete imbecile.

in steve taylor's book the fall he discusses how (and why) the human ego came about. it wasn't so much that it came about as a result of the harsh conditions of our early life at all. in fact, research has suggested that our primitive lives were a whole bunch easier than they are for most of us now (we apparently only spent about 1/5 of our time collecting food, the rest was our own, so much for advanced western civilisation!). it was only with the invention of agriculture and the resulting excesses of calories, which quickly became profits, which turned into armies. that ego really came into its own. think about it, what good is an ego if you have to share everything? i put my hands up, if steve is right (and he usually is) then i was wrong.

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