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Saturday, 24 January 2009

bbc are utter bastards shocka!

what on earth is going on? ongoing  demonstrations outside broadcasting house today over the bbc's decision to suspend adverts for the disasters emergency committee.
cheif operating officer caroline thompson said today on radio 4 that: "at the moment we feel the best way we can help people is to keep our reputation for independence and reporting in a way that people will trust." yet in the very same interview she says: "there are, obviously in the middle east, very vociferous lobby groups on both sides who will immediately jump on any decision we make" which i found surprisingly honest at least. one wonders, however, just which particular lobby groups are stopping the bbc from putting out a humanitarian appeal?

tony benn, in typical fashion, used an interview on the today programme to publicise the campaign saying if you want to donate send a cheque in a stamped envelope to: DEC (gaza crisis), PO Box 999, London, EC3A 3AA or go to any post office quoting the freepay number:1210, as he was cut off by the bbc presenter/evil wanker.

itv, channel 4 and five will be going ahead with the broadcast. channel five's head, chris shaw, saying that "provided it complies with the normal  broadcast regulations as a fair appeal it'll go ahead...this is a humanitarian appeal, that's the beginning and the end of it." & channel 4 saying that they did not feel that broadcasting the appeal would affect its impartiality in the eyes of its audience. which is a bit odd. surely if something is impartial it is impartial, regardless of what (or even whether) the audience thinks about it. but there you go.

stick it up 'em i say, we don't need 'em do we my nihilist chums? oh no.. you can cancel you licence fee (who watches tv anymore anyway? you can get dr. who on ya pc!) then go to the DEC website and hand over all your saved cash there, go on, give 'em an extra tenner just to spite the bastard bbc! you can also go that bit extra and complain if you like the phone number is: 03700100222 (i have no idea who this is, btw, i just nicked it off the granuidad's letters page!)

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