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Monday, 26 January 2009

mo' nihilist quotes

"i don't have to step in dog shit to know that it stinks."

"evolution is to the social sciences as statues are to birds"

"you wonder what i am doing? well, so do i, in truth. days seem to dawn, suns to shine, evenings to follow, and then i sleep. what have i done, what am i doing, what i am going to do, puzzle me and bewilder me. have you ever been a leaf and fallen from your tree in autumn and been really puzzled about it? that's the feeling."
- t. e. lawrence in a letter to his friend eric kennington shortly before his (lawrence's) death.

"when it comes to the real world, christians act just like atheists"
- daniel florien @ planet atheism

"it's always the hours between night and day when revolutions happen. out of the dawn the bird of revolution rises to reach the sun."

"you can't own something unless you can swallow it."