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Thursday, 28 May 2009

me going to this! we've been asked for manifesto suggestions, me and a certain person (clue: messy) have come up wiv some, here they are, let's see if you can do better!

1. We should focus on aims not beliefs.

belief systems are inherently fixed doctrines that cannot change. the only constant in the universe is change, for the successful evolution of humanity we must stive forward without doctrine or dogma but with a clear aim for a better world; willing and ready to adapt and modify the path where needed.

all belief systems of the 20th century have become outdated, the 21st century needs new ways of organising thoughts, the world does not stagnant. although the above point may seem to rely upon semantics, as chomsky says, we create our world with words.

2. The right to rave.

this policy is based on the human right to enjoy life. the need to dance, listen to music and come together in social spaces*, should never be subject to licensing, legislation or law. in fact, every human should have the freedom to spend half their year persuing whatever they like. work will take up the other half, whatever work is, this will also be a choice (training available on demand). this would create a world where full employment is a reality and a pleasure.

*this may not be your definition of rave, if so change as you like

3. food is family, love it

we are one. we are family. evolutionary theory shows us, quite clearly, that we are all related. we are, all of us; the plants, the insects, the birds, the mammals, the bacteria in your stomach, the fungi on your genitals, one family. we should treat each other as such, this should be demonstrated in the policy to ban any act of cruelty to animals, to keep any life form in any less than the basic minimum of standards (space to roam/wash/act a bit freaky) should be illegal.

this most importantly needs to be implemented in the farming industry and the human industry.

4. third world protectionism as standard.

this policy needs no explanation, other than the right for all peoples to defend their trade and industry from the exploitations of the world market. put people first.

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