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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

why you or i might use a likkle ting

the main reason people use drugs is because it gives them a feeling of control. to the non-drug user this often seems particularly odd as the reason they often cite for avoiding drugs is: "i don't like to lose control". to imagine that someone would use drugs in an effort to gain control. but they do.

some people use alcohol to give themselves confidence. it's probably something you've done at some time yourself, say at a party or social event. you are looking to control your confidence levels with drug. just like an ill person will use medicines in a an attempt to control his disease, we drink to shut up that little voice in your head that says "don't do it! you'll embarrass yourself!"

similarly some people use heroin to attempt to control various aspects of their lives or bodies. their sex/hunger drives, pain levels or a complete inability to live with the misery and injustice that surrounds us on a daily basis. all of these can (and are) quite successfully controlled using opiate-style drugs.

cannabis and users of hallucinogenic drugs also attempt to control the way their minds work and give themselves a glimpse of something special. similarly ketamine users (esp. the heavy ones) are merely trying to work out what the fuck is going on. one has to accept here, that appearances can always be deceptive. but it's true.

another reason people use drugs is that they are trying to make everyone else happy. this is sometimes referred to as "people pleasing" but rarely by anyone with half a brain so please don't. again one has to accept that will seem absurd to non-drug users, perhaps especially to those who know a drug user personably.

but what, one asks, is having a drink to increase your confidence levels but people pleasing(see: thick as pigshit me)? are you not worried that your normal undrunk, sensible self will not be interesting enough for everyone else? if you were that boring, no-one would invite you out for a drink in the first place.

so please people i ain't saying say no (you'd hear the laughter from space). all i'm saying is, say know. and sorry for all the drug talk, i've been on 'oliday!

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